Landing Page

The landing home page tells you what you need to know about the portal, with information on:

  • Process of Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • What we do with Budeshi
Projects Page
  • The projects page displays a summary of all the projects on the Budeshi portal.
  • You can search for projects using the search form by the left, or use the interactive map by the right.
  • Hover over the map to see an overview of the number of projects according to states. Click any state to filter for the details of the state's projects.
  • The data table displays the project breakdown. You may download this data in CSV or PDF format, or copy the contents of the table to your clipboard.
  • Click on any title to reveal the details of that particular project.
Monitored Projects Page

The monitored projects are projects that have been monitored by the PPDC

  • You can - using the search form at the top of the page - search for projects by the MDA, State, Year, Contractor or Status of the project.
  • Scroll down to view the cards display the summary of all the monitored projects.
  • Clicking the view project button on each card takes you to a detailed page showing the project details and it's picture gallery.
Visualization Page

The Visualization page shows the summary of projects, represented by charts

  • Like with the projects page, you may search projects using either the serach fields by the left, or the interactive map.
  • Using the dropdown just above the charts, the chart can be re-plotted by MDA, State, Year, Procurement method and Sector.
  • You may download the chart data in the form of PDF or Images (PDF, JPG).
  • You may also view a tabular representation of the chart data.
  • Click the three-bars icon by the top-right of the chart area to display the available options.
  • Follow the link below the chart area to view other visuals and infographics.
Contacts Page

For further inquiries, you may use the contact form in the contacts page, or reach out via our contact details.