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Budeshi is a dedicated web platform that links budget and procurement data to various public services using the Open Contracting Data Standards (OCDS). The Budeshi platform is primarily being used to demonstrate to public institutions the utility of using uniform data standards to publish and report information across stages in the procurement value chain.

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Process of Data Collection

Budeshi gives users access to procurement data such as budget amounts, contract amounts, contractor details, project location, e.t.c from over 90 Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in Nigeria at the federal level. Information uploaded on the portal is obtained through freedom of information requests sent to these MDAs in line with the Freedom of Information Act (2011). We make over 300 FOI requests yearly and update the platform with information received from these requests.

Data Processing

Procurement Data is usually received from MDAs in hard copy files which makes use of data for end users difficult to consume. Therefore, we painstakingly convert these hard copy datasets to the OCDS format and make it available in different open and machine readable formats for effective end user consumption.

What we do with Budeshi

The OCDS is premised on the fact that we can prevent some of the expensive corruption investigations and prosecutions as well as inefficiencies across the procurement value chain by deploying data standards that enable us link various data from the budget, to procurement and ultimately to public services in a timely way.

Over the years different classes of users have emerged, ranging from citizens who demand accountability from government to procurement monitors who monitor project delivery in communities and then Investigative Journalist/Analyst who analyze procurement data to uncover trends that will enable them write and tell better stories about public procurement in Nigeria.

Budeshi Hub is a community of Civil Society Organisations that collaborate and share Ideas, reports, images, success stories e.t.c with the overarching goal of improving service delivery while driving further public engagements in tracking and monitoring of public contracts.

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